caring post-abortion support

LifeTalk Resource Center offers free and confidential guidance and resources following your abortion – medical abortion included. We promise to treat you with understanding and respect. Some of our staff and volunteers have been in a similar position as yours and want to offer a listening ear so you can find healing.

Post Abortion Support & Care

Getting an abortion is a difficult decision. You may face physical and emotional after-effects immediately following the procedure, and years down the road. We’re here to support you and your needs through:

Abortion After Care

If you’ve been through an abortion recently, you owe it to yourself to get support and guidance on common next steps after an abortion, including how to monitor your health as you heal, and risks to watch out for.

Post-Abortion Ultrasound

Get insight on possible complications due to an incomplete abortion. We will explain the health risks and recommend referrals.

Medical Referrals

Receive educational resources and client referrals to medical health professionals to ensure you receive proper care. Our team can even help arrange transport for you.


You deserve one-on-one support after an abortion. If you are experiencing symptoms of post-abortion trauma such as depression, nightmares, drug and alcohol abuse, or others, we invite you to make a free individual appointment, or join one of our Post-Abortion Support Groups.


You are not alone.


To receive any of these services, schedule an appointment. All appointments are free and confidential. You do not need insurance.