Here at LifeTalk Resource Center, we support our clients from the first moment they enter our doors. Our specially trained Client Advocates are lay counselors who are equipped to come alongside you with compassion, understanding, and hope. We provide on-going, practical support in many areas including relationships, pregnancy, parenting, sexuality, faith, and marriage among others.

Our advocates build relationships with our clients and reach out to them regularly to help them stay on track with their life choices. Many times, the client and advocate form lasting bonds that help the client pursue excellence in their life. The lay counselors at LifeTalk accept clients without judgment, regardless of age, race, religion, gender or education level. We receive everyone as they are and come alongside them with encouragement and empathy. Advocates holistically address the various needs of the men and women who come into our Center, with a focus on our commitment to cherishing life.

Stress is rampant in the culture we live in and our Client Advocates are here to meet the needs of clients in any way possible by talking with them, praying with them and connecting them with community resources that fit their needs. Our Client Advocates and nursing staff are not licensed professional counselors and do not have degrees in counseling. We are mentors and friends you can share your heart with, in a welcoming atmosphere.