Pregnancy Options


Whichever option you choose, please take comfort in knowing that LifeTalk Resource Center is here for you before, during and after your pregnancy, no matter what choice you make. We provide help when pregnant, by giving you information on what to expect when expecting and the available options for unplanned pregnancy. We also provide education about pregnancy options such as parenting, an adoption option or abortion.

Your options are:

Parenting: Give birth and learn parenting skills so you can raise the best child you can

Adoption: Give birth and choose the family who will adopt your child

Abortion: Abort your pregnancy

Please note that we do not perform abortions nor will we refer patients to doctors that do perform abortions. We do, however, offer free abortion education to know which abortion procedure is appropriate for your stage of the pregnancy, materials to help with the physical and emotional affects and Post-Abortion resources to help those in need. Contact us to get more information.