STD Testing

Many STDs have no obvious symptoms or if any, are very mild ones; therefore, it’s very important to learn about STDs. Yet no matter how minor the symptoms are, STDs can still be harmful to you and to your sexual partner(s). It’s important to detect sexually transmitted diseases as early as possible in order to restore your health as well as to stop the spread of the disease. If you have ever had vaginal, anal, or oral sex, LifeTalk advises that you get tested. Not only do we provide STD testing, we also educate you on how sexually transmitted diseases are transmitted.

There are many kinds of sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

  • You can get an STD the first time you have vaginal, anal or oral sex.
  • Many STDs have no cure, while others can be treated through medication.
  • Most people infected with an STD don’t know it.
  • You can get an STD from someone who does not know he/she is infected.
  • You can’t tell who has an STD by looking at them.
  • Many STDs can be transmitted to a baby during pregnancy or birth.

If you are pregnant and considering an abortion get tested first.
Do not urinate or engage in sexual intercourse for one hour before testing.
You owe it to yourself to be safe. Don’t ignore the important step of being tested.

We are here to help. The caring staff at LifeTalk Resource Center provides confidential (private) consultations, and are sensitive to your needs and concerns.